Environmental Responsibility

As investors in the built environment and custodians of place, we have a responsibility to ensure that our projects stand the test of time and meet the highest environmental standards possible.

Our Environmental Commitments

The developments we deliver are all accredited by BREEAM, WELL, AirScore, WiredScore and Nabers. This gives us clear targets and the methodology to monitor and measure our progress.

We align ourselves with industry best practice and are members of the UK Green Building Council and follow guidance from organisations such as the London Energy Transformation Initiative.

“We make our environmental commitments meaningful. We are proud to have worked with our contractor to use the UK’s first fully electric crawler cranes at Olympia, so far saving an estimated 12 tonnes of carbon compared to traditional diesel cranes.”


Environmental Target Areas

Our environmental targets are carefully calculated to be ambitious but achievable. This balance is important to ensure that we deliver real, meaningful change and positive environmental impact.

We have identified five key areas of environmental focus in our ESG policy and have set targets for each:

1. Materials: we encourage the procurement of sustainable materials that have a low embodied carbon impact over their lifetime.

2. Energy: our buildings are designed to be as energy efficient as possible and to minimise energy use during construction

3. Water: we encourage sustainable water use during the construction of our buildings and in their operation

4. Waste: our operational businesses have zero waste strategies in place and our contractors are given targets to reduce overall waste from construction sites.

5. Biodiversity: we seek to maximise the biodiversity potential of all developments